QAT Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Hong Kong specialized in the development of consumer products such as Toys, LCD Games & Timepieces. For the past years, we have successfully developed a range of electronics products to cope with the market needs.

In order to enhance the productivity and competitiveness for the electronic consumer market, we have introduced the state-of-art technology and advance equipment and with addition technological personnel to provide the highest degree of services and products for our valuable customers.

Our product ranges include (1) LCD Calendar Clock with Calculator, (2) LCD Clock - with special functions, (3) Computer accessories, (4) Telephone series, (5) Mobile phone accessories, (6) Oxygen generator, (7) Mosquito Repeller series, (8) Radio & (9) Gift & Premium.

Since the demand of the OEM products is increasing significantly, QAT is exerting more efforts in the IC research & development. Some of special function products like electronic reminder, electronic translator, games and timepieces are now underdevelopment. Moreover, we can also help our customers to design more complicated products by using Multi-function Micro-controller (MCU) in the current market to fit the needs of our customers.

In addition, QAT will also concentrate more on the training of personnel and further strengthening our engineering and production departments for the future expansion. We will continue to enrich our product lines in order to satisfy the customers from different niche.